LAS VEGAS, NV – Kimberly Hunsinger is retiring from Navarro Research and Engineering after 30 years of service with the organization, which was incorporated shortly before she joined in 1993 and also celebrates its 30 year anniversary this year.  

Kim started with the Environmental Management program in 1992 and joined Navarro the next year. She’s worked under multiple different program managers and worked under the terms of six different organizational contracts. The Chaparral High School graduate has worked in the Program Integration field the entire time on tasks ranging from contracts, facilities, accounting, human resources and IT.

Now, though, it is time to relax and enjoy some free time. The Las Vegas native said she is really looking forward to spending more time with family and doing the things she loves. But at the same time, Hunsinger said she’s sad to say goodbye to the work environment she’s known for the last three decades.

“What will I miss most?” Hunsinger said. “The friends I have here.”

Hunsinger made a point of thanking all her friends and co-workers during a retirement ceremony and pizza party at the Molasky Building in Las Vegas on May 25.

“If it wasn’t for all of you, I wouldn’t be here,” Hunsinger told her co-workers. “You are all awesome. You are going to do great things and you will continue to be successful. There is no doubt in my mind. Thank you so much.”

Everyone who has worked with Kimberly is particularly appreciative of all her hard work and dedication to Navarro and the EM Nevada program over the years. The company wishes her the best in her retirement.

Headquartered in Oak Ridge, TN, Navarro is an award-winning federal contractor that partners with its clients to advance clean energy and deliver effective solutions for complex challenges in the nuclear and environmental fields across the United States.  The clients include the Department of Energy, the National Nuclear Security Administration, the Department of Defense, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Navarro specializes in environmental remediation, D&D, waste management, nuclear operations, clean energy advancement, facilities management, and technical and professional services.