OAK RIDGE, TN (May 2024) – Navarro Research and Engineering, Inc. (Navarro), MS Technology, Inc., and Strata-G, LLC have allied to establish a new company, Nuclear Services Partners, LLC.

Nuclear Services Partners combines the expertise and experience of three, award-winning small businesses to provide clients with a robust set of proven capabilities. With over 90 years of

combined company experience and a shared workforce of over 1000 employees, Nuclear Services Partners is equipped to handle complex challenges for the current nuclear fleet, planned

new reactor deployments, and emerging reactor technology systems development.

“Each company has distinct capabilities, expert-level knowledge, and decades of experience,” said Nuclear Services Partner’s President Lloyd Brown. “This partnership creates value for the nuclear industry, as we offer comprehensive access to a wide range of nuclear services for the East Tennessee region and nationwide, focusing on quality, safety, and innovation.”

Nuclear Services Partners and its parent companies are dedicated to providing high-quality nuclear services that bring innovative, cost-effective solutions that reduce risk and drive client success.

To learn more about Nuclear Services Partners and its capabilities, please visit NuclearServicesPartners.com.

About Navarro:

Navarro, an award-winning federal contractor based in Oak Ridge, TN, offers all-encompassing solutions to address nuclear, environmental, and clean energy issues encountered nationwide by federal agencies. These agencies include the National Nuclear Security Administration, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Navarro’s areas of expertise encompass nuclear operations, waste management, facilities management D&D, environmental remediation, clean energy, and technical and professional services.


About MS Technology:

MS Technology is a small business founded in 1994 and is located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Since the beginning, MS Technology has provided services of the highest quality to their customers.

As an equipment project manager, designer, and fabrication integrator, MS Technology offers three decades of proven leadership experience in the development of few-of-a-kind and one-of-a-kind nuclear technologies. Their expertise lies with areas such as nuclear and non-nuclear furnaces, control systems, mechanical systems, specialty materials, and novel process systems that require extremely high reliability.


About Strata-G:

Strata-G, located in Knoxville, TN, is committed to their core values of integrity, service, and quality.  Founded in 2002, Strata-G has grown to over 325 employees who are committed to serving their Federal and commercial clients while making a difference in their community through its outreach programs. Strata-G provides engineering, environmental management, safety and health, waste management, nuclear operations, quality assurance, project management and project controls services. Strata-G has been at the forefront of exploring and implementing clean energy projects and their application towards a sustainable energy future, including solar, commercial nuclear, and small modular reactors.



Nuclear Services Partners, LLC of Oak Ridge, TN is formed by Navarro Research and Engineering, Inc., MS Technology Inc, and Strata-G, LLC. With over 1000 employees, the partnership offers extensive technical expertise and robust management systems for complex nuclear projects. The LLC is structured to be agile, catering to specific client needs within the nuclear technology sector. For more information, please visit NuclearServicesPartners.com


Media Contact:

Lloyd Brown, President

Phone: 865.276.1287

Email: Info@NuclearServicesPartners.com