Featured Projects

Nevada National Security Site Environmental Services Program

Environmental Cleanup and Characterization

Since 2003, Navarro has provided characterization and remediation for corrective action units at NNSS*. We have successfully characterized, remediated, and closed the 144 historic atomic testing sites at an accelerated rate using a regulatory-accepted risk-based closure process. That has saved $66 million. We have also accelerated closure of groundwater corrective action units, saving more than $68 million, by refocusing efforts such as streamlining the fate and transport modeling process and improving the peer review process. In addition, Navarro performs well monitoring and installations, groundwater and surface water sampling, D&D, and other environmental services.

*NNSS environmental services performed in compliance with the Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order (FFACO). Learn more at https://nnss.gov/wp-content/uploads/FFACO_Document.pdf.

EERE Golden Field Office

Engineering, Scientific, and Technical Support Services

Navarro held the EERE SETS contract on behalf of Golden Field Office (GFO) for ten years, providing technical support services in support of the renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. This scope included administering funding opportunity announcements (FOA), including evaluation and selection; financial advisory and assistance; project monitoring and assessment; merit reviews and technical document reviews; technology analysis and evaluation; program planning; research and development (R&D) analysis; project management; and facilitation services. Our team successfully evaluated, managed, and monitored hundreds of renewable energy projects under this contract, including administration of state energy efficiency and conservation block grants (EECBG) and weatherization programs. 

Laboratory Operations and Analytical Services​

Navarro operates, manages, and maintains the Hanford 222-S Laboratory, demonstrating its ability to operate a Nuclear Hazard Category 3 facility that is critical to supporting the Hanford Site cleanup mission. The 222-S laboratory is the primary on-site lab for analysis of highly radioactive samples in support of the Tank Farm Facilities and the Waste Treatment Plant. Navarro is responsible for all aspects of nuclear safety within the 222-S Laboratory complex, which is in accordance with 10 CFR 830. In addition to reviewing, evaluating, monitoring, and assessing day-to-day nuclear safety activities, Navarro is also responsible for quality management, engineering, and project management/project control activities. We also play a critical role in supporting startup testing, commissioning, and readiness.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal

Environmental Cleanup

Navarro manages long-term operations and maintenance of five groundwater treatment plants, landfill/cover areas, and support facilities. We perform groundwater and surface water monitoring and non-routine activities such as technical site evaluations, remedy performance assessments, and engineering design and construction. Navarro also provides all program and project management and support functions such as quality management, health & safety, project management/project controls, regulatory compliance and interfaces, and waste management.

Carlsbad Technical Assistance

Nuclear Services & Technical and Professional Services

Navarro provides technical and professional services to support the Department of Energy (DOE) Carlsbad Field Office (CBFO) and Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). We provide subject matter experts and assist CBFO with WIPP site operations and health and safety, including nuclear safety, oversight. We support CBFO with implementation of their quality assurance, waste management, and environmental and regulatory compliance programs, including developing strategies and engineering design and construction solutions to improve site operations. Navarro also provides program/project management support as well as audits/assessments and implementation of scientific programs.

White Sands Test Facility

Environmental Compliance and Operations

At NASA’s WSTF Navarro provides site-wide environmental services. We manage, operate, and maintain two groundwater treatment systems; manage the facility-wide groundwater monitoring program; and perform post-closure care and monitoring of landfill caps and covers for 36 hazardous/solid waste management units. Navarro provides all program and project management and support functions such as quality management, H&S, project management/project controls, and regulatory compliance and interfaces. Additionally, Navarro provides the full range of waste management services for hazardous and universal waste, used oil, PCBs, and asbestos. We manage approximately 100 waste storage and accumulation areas.

Idaho Cleanup Project

Environmental Cleanup and Waste Management Services

Navarro is a teaming subcontractor to the Idaho Environmental Coalition and supports the Idaho Cleanup Project which is responsible for the environmental cleanup of the Idaho National Laboratory – a site contaminated with legacy wastes generated from WWII-era conventional weapons testing, government-owned research and defense reactors, spent nuclear fuel reprocessing, and laboratory research and defense missions. Specific areas of support include environmental remediation, facility D&D, environmental compliance, environmental monitoring, and engineering. Other program management activities are also performed to support projects such as closure of the Radioactive Waste Management Complex and design of a new onsite disposal cell within the Idaho CERCLA disposal facility.