OAK RIDGE, TN (May 2024) – Navarro Research and Engineering, Inc. (Navarro), a leader in the nuclear field and Deep Isolation Inc. (Deep Isolation), a pioneer in nuclear waste disposal solutions, have entered into a strategic partnership to collectively drive forward the safe disposal of high-level nuclear waste in deep geologic boreholes.

Under this strategic partnership, Navarro and Deep Isolation will jointly develop strategies to demonstrate the feasibility of Deep Isolation’s solutions for disposal of high-level nuclear waste in the USA and abroad.  The breadth of expertise and experience of Navarro will bring the necessary skills to further progress Deep Isolation’s mission of safe, permanent nuclear waste disposal. Navarro will provide engineering, environmental and technical support, and nuclear safety expertise.

“This partnership between Navarro and Deep Isolation will capitalize on the experience and expertise of the two companies to solve nuclear waste challenges across the nation,” said Navarro Senior Vice-President, Connie Flohr.

“I am thrilled to add Navarro to our strong partnership portfolio”, says Elizabeth Muller, co-founder CEO at Deep Isolation. “Navarro and Deep Isolation share the same vision and passion for the industry to progress rapidly on the nuclear waste issue, and I look forward to this collaboration”.

Deep Isolation has cemented several partnerships over the years with global leaders in this space, including Amentum, Bechtel, NAC International, as well as with several advanced reactor companies.

Deep Isolation’s patented technology for deep geological disposal of nuclear waste combined with Navarro’s trusted experience in nuclear services will foster the development of comprehensive, nuclear waste solutions that keep the health and safety of the environment and local communities at the forefront.

Both companies are committed to transparency, safety, and environmental stewardship.

About Deep Isolation:

Deep Isolation is a company focused on nuclear waste disposal solutions in the environmental services industry. The company offers services to secure and dispose of spent nuclear fuel from commercial nuclear reactors using innovative horizontal drill hole technology. This technology provides robust and deep isolation for many types of radioactive waste, offering expanded location options for repositories and modular implementation adaptable to specific waste management programs and inventories.

About Navarro:

Navarro is an award-winning federal contractor that provides client-focused solutions to complex challenges in the nuclear, environmental and clean energy field. Navarro is the main provider of nuclear safety and nuclear criticality safety at Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, and has been providing nuclear material packaging, fire protection and criticality safety support to the Y-12 National Security Complex for over three decades. Navarro also has experience supporting the development of Safety Analyses for Packaging (SARP) packages for nuclear transportation. Navarro provided this support to NAC International in the past and continue to provide nuclear packaging and testing support to the Y-12 National Security Complex.


Deep Isolation is a leading global innovator in nuclear waste storage and disposal solutions. Driven by a passion for environmental stewardship and scientific ingenuity, the company’s patented solution of advanced nuclear technologies enables global delivery through its partnerships with industry leaders as well as flexible IP licensing options.

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Headquartered in Oak Ridge, TN, Navarro is an award-winning federal contractor that provides client-focused solutions to complex challenges in the nuclear, environmental and clean energy fields for federal agencies including the National Nuclear Security Administration, the Department of Defense, National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Department of Energy. Navarro specializes in nuclear operations, waste management, facilities management, technical and professional services, D&D, environmental remediation and clean energy. For more information, please visit Navarro-inc.com.

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