The HLMI Team Description and Experience

Hanford Laboratory Management and Integration (HLMI) is an unpopulated LLC formed by two outstanding small businesses, Navarro Research and Engineering, Inc. (Navarro) and Advanced Technologies and Laboratories International, Inc. (ATL). HLMI was formed to provide the best value and lowest risk solution to the complexities of managing the 222-S Laboratory.

HLMI understands the critical role the 222-S Laboratory plays in safely ensuring timely and high-quality analytical services to achieve the DOE Hanford Site mission. HLMI was formed to combine the top operations and analytical small businesses together to bring the most qualified team to the 222-S Laboratory; thereby reducing risk to DOE. The combination of our world-class team members brings DOE the best value solution for 222-Laboratory operations.

The team brings outstanding past performance in similar, large and complex projects. Team members have worked together in the previous 222-S Laboratory operations contract and the Nevada National Security Site environmental remediation contract. All HLMI team members have experience working at the Hanford site.

Navarro, the managing partner of HLMI, is an award-winning small business and one of the largest, most successful small businesses working in the DOE complex. Navarro has the systems, processes, and experience to manage large complex projects. Navarro has an ideal combination of significant experience managing large and complex projects of over $400M in size with a strong technical background and experience in managing Hazard Category 3 nuclear facilities, including providing nuclear safety expertise to DOE’s Richland Office, and other DOE and contractor clients across the DOE complex for over a decade.

ATL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Planned Systems International, Inc. (PSI), is another award-winning small business that brings to their clients innovative scientific and technical solutions of the highest quality in the fields of health, environment and analytical services. ATL is recognized for its proven expertise in radiology, occupational health and safety, nuclear and laboratory operations, decommissioning and demolition, and information technology. ATL has over 25 years of Hanford experience and 30 years providing radiological laboratory services, which includes over 11 years providing effective analytical services at the 222-S Laboratory. During that time ATL achieved VPP Star status, the first small business prime supporting DOE to do so, and will continue its commitment to safely delivering quality analytical results on time to support the Hanford Tank Closure mission.

Amentum was selected as HLMI’s critical subcontractor based on its extensive engineering capabilities. They also bring outstanding nuclear facility operations experience, including at the 222-S Laboratory. Amentum is a world-class contractor with outstanding experience in engineering, nuclear operations, and facility maintenance. Amentum will provide nuclear safety support and the engineering capability to perform the major facility improvements at the 222-S Laboratory. Both Navarro and ATL have proven, successful working relationships with Amentum.