The HLMI Partnering and Cooperative Strategy

This contract transition has notable differences from a typical Hanford transition:

  • Two incumbent contractors
    • WHL – Fixed price
    • WRPS – Large scope with centralized functions
  • HLMI is unpopulated as required by Small Business Administration rules
    • All staff will be employed by Navarro or ATL
    • Navarro directly manages several HLMI Business Services functions

We have experience hiring staff from two incumbent contractors, and we will ensure they are a part of a fully integrated team, focused on supporting the Hanford Mission, regardless of original company: One Team – One Mission. We utilize a cooperative and partnering approach:

  • HLMI understands the importance of working in a cooperative manner with DOE, OHCs and stakeholders.
  • We have proven ability to bring cooperation and partnering approach, internally, by integrating staff from two incumbent contractors and externally with OHCs.
  • We will work with OHCs, including our Tank Farms clients in a manner that is focused on doing what is in the best interest of DOE and the Hanford Mission. We will apply One Team – One Mission (the Hanford Mission) approach to our interfaces with OHCs.
  • When resolving issues, our focus will be on working in a partnering and cooperative manner to find solutions.