The HLMI Organization and Key Personnel

The 222-S Laboratory contract incorporates staff and scope from two incumbent contractors.  HLMI’s approach unites and integrates scope and staff into one single entity with one purpose: to support the Hanford Mission by ensuring timely and quality services provided to the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP), Tank Farms, and other Hanford contractors (OHCs). HLMI will rely on staff from both incumbent contractors, valuing their historic knowledge and contributions, regardless of current employer, to collaborate with all parties, including organizations such as OHCs and union labor forces, to successfully meet the DOE Hanford Site Mission.

The organizational structure is designed with the goal of ensuring safe, compliant, effective, and efficient operations that will result in laboratory services that are responsive, flexible, timely, and meet or exceed all requirements.

HLMI Key Personnel will implement our approach that reduces risk while increasing capacity, capability, and reliability requirements to achieve enhanced operations, in a cost-effective manner, while maintaining safety and compliance. Our Key Personnel bring:

  • Proven leadership to manage the 222-S Laboratory effectively, safely, and compliantly.
  • Lowest risk to DOE to achieve enhanced operations with safe and compliant operations for contract duration.
  • Ability to meet capability, capacity, and reliability requirements for enhanced operations without a learning curve.
  • Established interfaces with unions, OHCs, and stakeholders for effective integration.
  • Proven ability to work cooperatively with others to achieve the Hanford Mission.

Since HLMI is an unpopulated LLC, all employees will be employed by either Navarro or ATL. Regardless, HLMI will operate as a seamless, integrated team, during transition and contract performance, regardless of individual contributor’s employer. Products, deliverables and responses will be provided by the assigned responsible employee on behalf of HLMI without regard to company affiliation.